Best Health Apps for Android

Getting healthy are some things that’s on everyone’s mind at some point. better health will lead to lower hospital bills, feeling better, and doing additional things. Thankfully, there are plenty of applications on smartphones and tablets that may assist you in living better, eating better, and exercising a lot of oftentimes. Most of the helpful ones are either exercise apps, calorie counters, activity tracking apps, or some combination of all 3. Let’s take a glance at the most effective health apps for Android! we place a bit of a focus on eating healthy with this one. we’ve got more health style app lists linked up just under and throughout the article.


Google Fit

Google’s fitness app is very simple and it focuses on obtaining you to move and work your heart, challenging you to hit a target every day for Move Minutes and Heart Points. you’ll also use it to trace workouts, get customized tips, and pull in data from Wear OS smartwatches, to not mention a host of different apps and devices.
Google’s unique fitness platform that enables you to track your fitness and analyze your stats to examine wherever you would like to improve. This app also supports a range of wearables.


Home Workout

Home workout is an excellent health app for beginners. Wow, that seemed like an ad, sorry about that! In any case, this app includes a collection of workouts you’ll be able to do at home with no equipment. which means the sole thing between you and the beginning may be a download button. a number of the exercise routines embrace warm-ups, stretching, weight training, strength training, and more. you also get video and animation guides, charts, and a lot of tracking. It’s specialized, especially if you don’t want to pay plenty of money on exercise equipment. The developer, Leap Fitness, also has apps for ab workouts, water drink reminders, and even a period tracker if you wish one.



Lifesum is another app that mixes diet and exercise. It does not force you to keep hardcore details of each single meal. Instead, it offers basic pointers to follow. The app asks for things like weight, height, gender, and your fitness goals. The app offers every person customized recommendations from that info. It also includes niche things like small tracking for those on specialized diets.
The food and exercise tracking is free for everyone beside some social features. Everything else requires a subscription. Lifesum needs subscriptions paid up front for three, six, or twelve months at a time. It’s one in all the great health apps.



A popular health app that uses GPS to check how far you’ve run and helps you to line goals to meet or exceed your best distances. It includes an extended list of features such as a voice coach, route maps, workout logs and support for several wearables.


StrongLifts 5X5

StrongLifts 5×5 workout is one amongst the better health apps. It focuses totally on strength training via the StrongLifts system. It includes methods to record your progress, a timer, and a bunch of different stuff. There also are a range of workouts and training exercises. The app rounds out a wonderful experience with Android Wear support, cloud saving, and a few different nifty things. The in-app purchases grant extra content besides what you get within the free app. It’s wonderful for those searching for something other than just running.


You Are Your Own Gym

You Are Your Own gym is easily one of the foremost helpful health apps. The app contains variety of exercises. None of them need you attending to the gym. that includes over two hundred exercises. The app additionally includes videos (via a separate plugin), routines, and different stuff. it is not too difficult. The plus aspect is that you just will do these exercises basically anywhere. It’s great for travelers or people who can’t afford a gym. The app goes for $4.99 with no in-app purchases or advertisements.